Which Governments can benefit?

From 2015 and until the end of 2018, all 79 Member-States of the ACP Group of States and South Sudan could submit a request for technical assistance in the areas specified by the ACP-EU Migration Dialogue to the ACP-EU Migration Action. National public institutions from one or more ACP Governments seeking (joint) technical assistance could also apply together.

The ACP Governments defined the kind of technical assistance they intended to receive depending on their needs and priorities. Such technical assistance could include, but was not limited to, activities in the field of institutional and legislation development; policy analysis or revision; capacity building; bi- and multilateral cooperation; and partnerships and agreements setting. Whatever the specific area of work, such request must have been be within one of the five priority recommendations of the ACP-EU Dialogue, namely: remittances, readmission, visas, trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants.

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You will find an overview of the Actions' Technical Assistance interventions here

* The Action has ended in August 2019 and therefore does not accept any more requests