What is offered through the Technical Assistance of the Action?

The technical assistance involves the deployment of migration experts to develop an intervention that should not exceed 60 days in total, including preparatory and reporting tasks to be carried out at the experts’ home station. If needed for follow-up or continued assistance, this period can be split in several travels, where the experts are deployed to the requesting country more than once, as long as the total duration is equal or less than 60 working days. These days can be assigned to one, two or more experts depending on the requirements of the technical assistance intervention.

Please note that the technical assistance is provided by migration experts, is non-financial and does not cover salaries or other benefits of Government staff or equipment.  It can cover any kind of technical support on visas, remittances, readmission, trafficking in human beings or smuggling of migrants.

On the left-side of this page you will find all important documents related to the process of requesting technical assistance, including guidelines and formats on how to apply.