Saint Lucia II


Involuntary returned migrants (IRMs) in Saint Lucia are challenged because of their reason of return and societal perceptions and stereotypes that compound some forms of stigma and discrimination. The result is IRMs are encountering difficulties during the reintegration process.

Noting the aforementioned challenges IRMs have encountered because of no established structure being in place to support them, there is a recognized need for a National Policy and Plan of Action that will provide impetus to this end.

In addition, there is a need for an organized system to capture information of all IRMs that return to Saint Lucia since the current process is manual and ad hoc and does not have desired fields to record IRMs’ needs on arrival, to assess assistance and support that can be provided and to make necessary referrals for immediate and long-term support for effective reintegration.

​This TA therefore aims at drafting a national policy and plan of action for the effective reintegration of IRMs.

* This intervention is ongoing