Regional Thematic Meetings

In 2019, the ACP-EU Migration Action has organized three Regional Thematic Meetings in three ACP regions (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific).

The themes of the Regional Thematic Meetings reflect the areas of cooperation identified within the ACP-EU Dialogue on Migration and Development and the Action’s work in the specific regions. Each region has been matched with a specific subject namely:

Each Regional Thematic Meeting informed a Regional Thematic Report on each topic, with the aim of providing an overview of the achievements of the Action in the specific region, through examples and good practices of relevant Action’s activities. These reports are addressed to ACP governments, EU institutions, Regional Actors (such as Regional Organizations), International Organizations and Civil Society. The reports also contain an analysis of the main challenges to be addressed at a regional level, as to further boost the implementation of the recommendations of the Dialogue and to stimulate continued regional cooperation beyond the implementation period of the ACP-EU Migration Action.

Read the compendium of the three Regional Thematic Reports here (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese)