Peer-to-Peer Exchange Meeting on Visas


22 - 24 May, 2018
​Lusaka | Zambia

This peer exchange had the aim of informing the Action’s stakeholders on positive initiatives on visas, free movement and migration management, to exchange on challenges, lessons learned and good practices identified through the implementation of activities of the Action, as well as to follow-up and discuss the joint ACP and EU Dialogue Recommendations, and to pursue a more in-depth dialogue on visas and the challenges that need to be addressed to better manage migration through visa policies.

Disucssions on the P2P meeting were structured into three thematic areas:

  1.  Responsibly Managed Migration and Increased Free Movement >> Read More
  2. The Role of Comprehensive Visa Legislation and Policies in the Promotion of National Development through Trade, Investment and Tourism >> Read More 
  3. Visa Facilitation and New Technologies >> Read More 

See the meeting booklet and agenda here >>

See the meeting report here >>

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