Peer-to-Peer Exchange Meeting on Remittances

October, 17-19 Nairobi, Kenya

The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Meeting on Remittances was born as a joint initiative of the ACP-EU Migration Action and the African Institute of Remittances (AIR). This peer exchange had the aim of informing the Action’s stakeholders on positive initiatives on remittances, to exchange on challenges, lessons learned and good practices identified through the implementation of activities of the Action, as well as to follow-up and discuss the joint ACP and EU Dialogue Recommendations, and to pursue a more in-depth dialogue on remittances and the challenges that need to be addressed to reduce remittances transfer costs. Disucssions on the P2P meeting were structured into three thematic areas: (1) Remittances as investment – Engaging Migrants and the Formal Sector; (2) Addressing Obstacles in Remittances and (3) New Technologies – Mobile Money Overcoming Borders.

We hope you will enjoy reading it. Do not forget to see the results on Flickr  and be sure to head to our YouTube  pageto see all the interviews we made during the meeting. 

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To download thematic briefing documents on:

  • Remittances in the Global Context – The role of International Organisations, click here
  • Remittances as Investment – Engaging Migrants and the Formal Sector, click here
  • Addressing Obstacles in Remittances – How to Reduce Costs?, click here 
  • New Technologies – Mobile Money Overcoming Borders, click here 

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DAY 1 | MORNING | MONDAY, 17 October 2016




PPT / Video 


09.00 - 10.30

Welcome Address




ACP-EU Migration Action | Leon Isaacs, Expert



Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Washington Oloo, Director of Diaspora & Consular Affairs




Delegation of the European Union | Ambassador Stefano-Antonio Dejak, Head of EU Delegation in Kenya



International Organization for Migration (IOM) | Jeffrey Labovitz, Regional Director IOM Regional Office Nairobi

    African Union Commission (AUC) | Mustapha Kaloko, AU’s Commissioner of Social Affairs


10.30 -11.30

Migration & Remittances: initiatives that matter




ACP-EU Migration Action | Leon Isaacs, Expert


    ACP-EU Migration Action | Renza Tovazzi, IOM Program Officer  
    African Institute for Remittances (AIR) | Amadou Cisse, Executive Director
    Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform (ADEPT) | Gibril Faal, Interim Executive Director
3 11.30 - 12.30 Remittances in the Global Context - Perspectives from International Organizations, Leon Isaacs  
    IOM | Claudia Natali, Regional Labour Mobility and Human Development Specialist
    World Bank | Soheyla Mahmoudi, Senior Operations Officer and Task Team Leader
    African Union Commission | Olawale Maiyegun, AU Director of Social Affairs  
    IFAD | Mauro Martini, Migration, Remittances and Development Officer 

DAY 1 | AFTERNOON | MONDAY, 17 October 2016




PPT / Video 


13.30 - 15.30

Remittances as Investment – Engaging Migrants and the Formal Sector, Kenneth Coates



Hailu Kinfe, African Union, Remittances Expert




Paloma Monroy, ACP-EU Migration Action, Expert



Demeke Atnafu, Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director of Diaspora Information & Research


16.00 -17.30

Addressing the Obstacles in Remittances, Claudia Natali IOM, Regional LHD Specialist



What are the easy-to-implement actions? Philip Bob Jusu, African Union, Migration Officer


    How can one create effective competition? Ralph Wharton, Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions, Business Development Officer  
    How can greater transparency be brought to the market? Jonathan Capal, DMA Global, ltd, Director


    What practical solutions can be developed to create a comprehensive framework ACP members?
Pedro Ferreira Marcelino, ACP-EU Migration Action, Expert


DAY 2 | MORNING | TUESDAY, 18 October 2016




PPT / Video 


09.00 - 10.30

New Technologies – Mobile Money Overcoming Borders
Daniela Villacres, ACP-EU Migration Action, Expert




What does a balanced regulatory approach look like?  Abdishakur A Mohamud – Central Bank of Somalia




How to ensure that the most appropriate technology solutions are available to those who need them? 
Nana Boakye-Adjei, DMA Global, Associate Director




What conditions are required for mobile to be successful? 
Barry Cooper & Catherine Denoon-Stevens, CENFRI


Breakout Sessions  Towards tangible recommendations on remittances  


11.00 -17.30

Adequate and affordable financial services to migrants & their families
Laura Porras, The Inter-American Dialogue




Promoting financial inclusion & literacy: from policy to diaspora investment
Gibril Faal, ADEPT


    Data Management & New Technologies - developing tools to overcome barriers and borders
Barry Cooper, CENFRI
DAY 3 19 October 2016 Presentation of the P2P Report & Recommendations, Leon Isaacs, ACP-EU Migration Action, Expert