Smuggling & THB
Southern Africa

Anecdotical reports and trends of cases of trafficking in persons (TIP) have shown that Malawi is a source, transit and destination country for trafficking. Malawi ratified and acceded several international protocols in response to this phenomenon and has developed domestic instruments such as the Trafficking in Persons Act (2015). Malawi has also established a National Coordination Committee against TIP (NCCATIP) and a National Plan of Action to combat TIP, as well as a satellite database and a task force to provide technical support. Despite these interventions, Malawi continues to face challenges, especially because of a lack of comprehensive data on TIP to inform policies, plans, programmes and projects. A technical assistance was requested, in order to conduct a comprehensive study that will lead to a fuller understanding of the magitude and the nature of TIP in Malawi.

* This intervention is ongoing