How long does it take between your request and the arrival of the expert?

The arrival of the expert occured usually within 16 weeks after submission of the request, as detailed in paragraph III of the Guidelines for the Technical Assistance. The timing depended however on different approval steps by the EC and the ACP Secretariat, as well as on the different steps needed to know more and refine the activities to be developed - as to ensure their impact once the expert start her work. See below a detailed graphic of the process.

For this reason, if the request was approved by the ACP Secretariat and the EC, a baseline assessment (see here an example) of the initial situation was launched, which usually took from 8 to 15 days to be completed. The Baseline Assessment helped in assessing whether or not the expected results can be achieved with the resources available; the risks and opportunities; as well as it identified the stakeholders to be involved in the delivery of the services. It also maps the Non-State Actors that were working in the country on that subject.

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