Implementing Non-State Actor:
Centre for Citizens’ Participation in the African Union (CCPAU)​

Contribute to the realisation of free movement in the COMESA Region through easing the visa regimes in the region and eradicating statelessness, by making Kenya a champion state in the region through information campaigns, awareness raising, advocacy with parliament and other Kenyan institutions.

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Capturing stories of Africans traveling their continent provides a powerful glimpse of the challenges that borders present and opportunities that visa-free travel can create for both cultural and economic exchanges. The Action and CCPAU co-produced the story of pastor Nick Korir's 23,000km motorcycle adventure from Nairobi to Africa’s ‘southernmost’ tip. We hope it will spark debate about how Africans move within and beyond their borders.
Part one: from Kenya to Zimbabwe
Part two: from Cape Agulhas to Nairobi